Sunday, February 21, 2010

Movies I've never seen.....

I call myself a movie fanatic, but lo and behold, I haven't seen some films that i'm told by friends I must see.
Here is the list:

Citizen Kane, (which is supposed to be ahead of its time)
Gone With the Wind
Field of Dreams (I know, I live in Iowa now, I will see it)
Varsity Blues  (my friend Jerrad says I "have to see that one", not sure if i'm missing out on too much)
Harry Potter, (I've never seen any of the films, nor read the books)
O Brother Where Art Thou (which I own and have for some time, but never have watched it)
                                 I've got like 150 movies and have watched many of them many many times, but truly
need to get out to see these films that i've missed out on.  Any recommendations on films I may have never seen.  Movies that are your favorites, that you think everyone should see.