Friday, April 15, 2011

Acoustic Guitar Recording, Editing and Effects Part TWO!

This is the second part to recording the acoustic for Dream Away.  Keep building your songs and I will keep building mine.  If you have any production questions or suggestions for videos, how to this, how to that, etc, please feel free to email me at  Also, check out

Recording Acoustic Guitar, Adding Effects, Editing Part One

This is part one of two of recording acoustic guitar for the song Dream Away.  Still building the song step by step.  I found a great way to fill out the doubled acoustic guitar with a third track of kapo'd guitar.  Thanks for watching.  Remember to check out  And don't forget to watch part two.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Drum Loop Editing

Here is the first Vlog.  I have recorded a loop to be my metronome for the song Dream Away.  If you'd like to download my first album for free, please visit   Also, visit to learn about Reaper Recording Software, which is what I will be using throughout this Blog.  Thanks.  Comment with any ideas on recording, I'd love to hear other people's opinion, experience, troubleshooting tips, etc.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Why R.E.A.P.E.R. Recording Software is so great.....

I have used REAPER now to do my first four albums, and I am working on my fifth.  I will put some technical info below, but for me, REAPER is the best.  I have used ProTools, Cakewalk Sonar, Cubase, Etc.  And as I've used REAPER, I love it more and more.

It is so user-friendly.  It is very easy to maneuver through and is very inexpensive.  You can download the entire version of the program for 30 days, no limitations, and then when you decide to purchase, because you WILL decide to purchase it, it is totally worth the price.  In fact, I would've paid three times the amount for this program, which is merely a download, no disc, no installation of many discs, just downloads straight to your computer.  It comes with a ton of full Plugin effects, and it is truly making my music sound better and better.  With each update, they offer new features based on their users suggestions in forums and emails.  This company has truly created an amazing recording software that can help you and I and anyone make their own amazing sounding music right in their own home studio.  No, I don't work for  REAPER, and No, I'm not getting commission for promoting them.  They are getting my blessing as a home recording Do It Yourself Artist, because they have not only stepped up to the plate to create something great, but they keep making it great day in and day out.  So go check it out.  I will be doing a lot more blog posts and videos right here about recording and I will solely be using REAPER.  So, go check out their site, read what they have to offer, and find out if they are right for you.  I say they are, but you can go make sure for yourself.