Thursday, August 15, 2013

My Music History

5 years ago, I was in a band on the road full time, touring this beautiful country of ours playing shows for really great fans.
10 years ago, I was in a garage writing songs with a band in hopes of going on the road and writing hit songs that would be heard by everyone.
15 years ago, I was writing songs with a writing partner and performing at churches, open mic nights, and coffee houses.
20 years ago, I walked into a Guitar Center with $2,000 I had saved for months and purchased a Roland Keyboard which I still have to this day.
25 years ago, I sat in a friend's truck and at the end of a Keith Green Song, I decided, I want to play piano like him.
30 years ago, my Mother sat me in the front row at church directly in front of the drummer, where I sat for years watching him play and learning how to play without ever owning a drumset. 

Today, I sit in my home studio working on a worship album, which will be my 7th solo album release. 

God has not only used music to enhance my life, but to lead me to the places i've gone.  My love of music, ability to write songs, and passion for capturing a musical moment, are nothing less than gifts from God.  He is the reason I play piano.  He is the reason I play drums.  He is the reason I got to see this entire country playing music.  He is the reason I play music today, and will continue to play music for the rest of my life. 

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