Monday, August 29, 2011

New Album is Finished and on iTunes

I have finished my new album, Intersections, after nine months of gestation, writing, recording, mixing, editing, arranging, etc.  I'm very excited to say that its on Itunes and the physical disc will be ready for release September 10th, 2011.  If you happen to have my last album, which was acoustic based, and generally somber because of my mood, which was based on losing a relationship, leaving a band, and moving across the country.  My life has changed for the better since, and my new album reflects that a great deal.  It is much more upbeat, hopeful, inspirational and has drums, guitars, bass, and good, solid rhythms and an overall Pop Rock feel.  If you go check it out, download it and write a review on Itunes if you would.  I will be placing album previews on YouTube along with a few music videos i'll be producing to promote the album so look for stuff on YouTube and find me on Facebook and say hello.  My links are to the right of my blog posts.  God bless.

iTunes Link for my new album, Intersections

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