Saturday, September 17, 2011

New Album On C.D. and FREE BONUS STUFF!!!!!!!!!

Okay, so, my new album is already on download, but the physical C.D. is also available for purchase now.  C.D.'s are 10 bucks at shows, so if I see you out there, please say hello.  If you want to order a C.D., they are 12 bucks which includes shipping costs.

Free Bonus Stuff:  (Read Carefully)

The 1st 25 people to order my new album, Intersections, will also get for FREE, my first C.D. Brand New Road (if you don't have it already) AND, you'll also get Midnight To Twelve's Debut album, unless you have it already.  Midnight to Twelve was the band I was in for a long time, and a lot of my songwriting style and experience come from touring the country for five years full time in the band.  Also, this new album has a few songs that kind of pay tribute to my experience in the music industry.  So, three C.D.s for the price of one, also, you will be entered to win one of four pairs of the Dr. Dre Beats In Ear "Tour" Headphones, which are pretty awesome. 

So, after a hundred orders of the C.D., I will go through the orders and randomly pick the 4 winners of the Dre Beats Headphones.  So, your chances to win the headphones are 1 and 25, not bad.  Either way, I am very proud of this new album and I hope you listening to it as much as I liked producing it. 

3 c.d.s for the price of one, great chance to win some cool headphones.  This offer will be made to my YouTube Subscribers via video so get on it now.  Here's how to order:

Send a Check or Money Order for $12.00 Payable to:

Steve Oliver    (Kristopher is my middle name, please make it out to STEVE OLIVER, Thanks.)
P.O. Box 11474
Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52410

To Pay Via PayPal, send $12.00 to my PayPal email address: and include shipping information.

Also, visit where you can purchase download versions of my albums.  I'm also on iTunes and most online music retailers. 

Thank you to everyone for your support, I truly appreciate it.

Steven Kristopher

P.S. You can also message me here or on any of my social networks with any questions.  Peace.

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