Saturday, November 28, 2009

Album Review of Details by Frou Frou

Details by Frou Frou

This album is amazing from beginning to end. It is an album of mostly electronica production that has the beautiful voice of Imogen Heap, layered in beauty with great lyrics about life and movement. It is one of my favorite albums of all-time and was produced in 2002 with the help of Guy Sigsworth, who, prior to this album was a producer for many artists at the level of Madonna. Though this album was the only one that Frou Frou did, which is the name they decided for the project, many fans would love to hear a second out of this duo who are simply phenomonal. The first track, Let Go, was used in many television shows and some movies, and has an inspiring, wonderful feeling to it that leads into the next four tracks, which seem to stay somewhat midtempo, but allow Imogen Heap's vocals to shine amazingly. By the time you've heard her weave her way through the english language, using metaphors that are simply thought provoking, they end the C.D. with a quiet ballad about music being the one thing that moves them both towards and away from things in life, and that it truly has the power to move all of us. That last track, "The Dumbing Down of Love" is one of the main reasons this album has been heard by yours truly hundreds of times, and I still haven't even began to get bored of it. So, if you like midtempo electronica with an amazing female voice to take this often sweet, emotional music to a new level, then you will love this album.
I give it the full five stars.

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