Monday, November 30, 2009

Album Review of Static and Silence by The Sundays

Though this record was made in 1997, and the band hasn't done anything since, this is one of the finest albums ever to be produced out of England. Static and Silence by The Sundays is 12 tracks of acoustic pop folk that is led by the beautiful vocals of one Harriet Wheeler. What an amazing talent, and lyrically gives the English language a beautiful turn and takes you down the road that is her mind, which mostly consists of love, everyday enjoyment, and peaceful moods. The first track, Summertime, is about relationships and the beauty thereof. Though the music may seem sad at times because of its downtempo, it still remains hopeful, and leaves you feeling quite at peace. Her voice is so soothing on track 5, When I'm Thinking About You, a poignant love song that is simple, tasteful, and quite exquisite. As a musician, I will say that the production is top-notch, and though they tended to use electric drums in their previous albums, I'm happy to say that all the instruments used were natural. So, this is another one of my all-time favorites and it gets, you guessed it, all Five Stars. Hope you enjoy it.


  1. Great review Steven. I coudn't agree with you more.

  2. I've loved this album and this group forever and a day. Unlike you, I don't find their sound sad at all but deep and resonant. I am not a musician, but just like what I like. It has sort of a California sound to it, of ease and acceptance and as always when I hear Harriet sing its as if I'm looking out at a tranquil blue sea.