Sunday, March 6, 2011

Gettin' Married......

Since the proposal, we have a pastor, a venue, a dress, a suit, a photographer, a caterer, almost done with planning, still have a ways to go, but it isn't a horribly stressful thing like i've heard it can be. Had a man draw on me with chalk for the fitting of the suit, got it on sale, and Pam actually got teary-eyed when I was putting on my coat in the mirror, I guess it kind of hit her that we're close to being married....the odd thing is, she didn't tear up at her bridal dress fitting, but her bridesmaids tell me they did, even though she did. Also, time must be flying cause the men's store owner asked us, "how long have you been engaged?" I said, "about a month", and then Pam jumped in and said, "actually its been two months". Time flies when you're havin' fun right? Anyway, we are both very happy and excited to spend our lives together, even though we have developed the habit of going grocery shopping together for our respective residences, we still pay separately. Sometimes I offer to buy her bananas or a bottle of wine. She sometimes tries to sneak her food on my side of the grocery store line divider. That little rubber piece is very powerful. Anyway, i've gone off on a tangent, I must go. You all have a great week.


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