Monday, March 14, 2011

Things you do for love...

My lovely fiance got me to agree to watch this season of The Bachelor. Yes, though I was on the computer most of the episodes or waiting to flip to an alternate channel during commercials, I actually saw enough of it to understand that this guy, Brad, who was on the show for a season before, rejected both girls at the end of that show, which I thought was pretty bad ass. He was "totally open to falling in love" and finding the love of his life. So, I was hoping that he'd pull a repeat and reject both girls again. Or another cool ending would be if both girls rejected him in some sort of twisted revenge scheme. I did enjoy making fun of these girls who so incredibly ready to fall for a guy they barely even know. I also learned that one of the girls' occupation was a "Manscaper". I turned to my fiance and said "what's a Manscaper?" She said, well, its a girl who instead of landscaping, manscapes, and it hit me, she shaves men for a living. And I was like, how did this girl get on this show?! That is tasteless and tacky, and this show tries to be utterly classy with the house, the roses, the beautiful people, the scenery, etc. So, here I sat for the final episode of this show and though I was on the computer, I was a little nervous for these two girls. My fiance read earlier in the season, a spoiler alert that said the girl he chose was Chantel. So, we, sitting here on the couch, gasped when he rejected her for a beautiful girl named Emily. The truth is I'm an incredible sap and kind of enjoyed the show even though its a totally girly show. Although, when he proposed to Emily, I loved the very huge lettering inside the ring box, Neal Lane. Ladies and Gentlemen, go out there and get a Neal Lane diamond. ABC's gotta pay the bills somehow, right? Alright, now on to the next show, I hope there's another season of I Wanna Work for Diddy. I miss that show. :)
So, men, if you love the girl you're with, do something like watch a season of The Bachelor with them, cause in some weird way, it'll make her a little happier, or is it sappier.

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