Thursday, December 3, 2009

Album Review of City Lights by Brett Bixby

Okay, if you like acoustic music, Brett Bixby's City Lights has taken acoustic to a new level with warm melodies, a quiet voice, and atmospheric lyrics that make you think, and help you relax about life.  The first three tracks are a perfect introduction to his ability to play and let the music breathe while giving life to the vocals with cool melodies.  "Umbrella" is a ballad that holds your attention like a sentimental moment.  "Fireside" is truly the essential folk/acoustic song.  The first lyric "Do you know where I can get me some momentum, I've been lookin' but there isn't much to spare" grabs you with a beautiful string arrangment behind his quiet rhythmic acoustic guitar.  Through the rest of the tracks you won't be dissappointed as he puts his soul to C.D., and still is able to leave some mystery to who he is as an artist.  The last track, "Memento", is like him saying goodnight as he leaves you after 10 tracks of beautiful acoustic music that should be more well known than it is.  This independent singer/songwriter that resides in Long Beach, California is doing other things musically currently, but hopefully he will grace us with another album in the near future.  If you ever have a chance to see him live, he does his album complete justice.  Find him online.  And I give him the full five stars for City Lights, one of the finest albums in my opinion.

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