Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Album Review of Play On by Carrie Underwood

Okay, here's what I think of Carrie Underwood. She, from minute one on American Idol, was absolutely phenomonal. She was consistent week after week and then when her first record came out, I was incredibly impressed. You know, hit single after hit single, then her second album. Same thing, hit after hit. So, I thought after hearing Play On's first single, Cowboy Cassanova, which was obviously written and marketed for radio, I thought, well, she's doin' it again, only this time I wasn't so enthused about the whole thing. You know, like when a group like Rascal Flatts dominates the charts for so many albums, you think, alright already, let someone else have a turn right?! But here's the thing about Carrie's third and newest album, which I proudly own. Not only is every other song on the album unlike her Radio Single, "Cowboy Cassanova", but they are all phenomonal songs. The song "Quitter" is amazing. The melody and quiet feeling of the music just moves you with each note and rhythm. And then "Unapologize" continues Carrie Underwood's independent woman nature and gives her voice the land to roam free so to speak, as if she needs land to roam. So, this is probably not a big surprise to any of you who have read any of my other reviews, but this album gets the full five out of five stars. On that note, I will be reviewing albums in the future that might not be so pleasureable to me, but for the time being, I am trying to give album reviews of albums that have moved me beyond measure. So, I hope that you all enjoy any of the suggestions that I offer musically. Enjoy.

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