Thursday, December 10, 2009

Album Review of Complicated Mess by Debra Arlyn

This is an artist out of the Pacific Northwest who has a great voice, and a traditional contemporary sensibility when it comes to songwriting.  On Complicated Mess, she delves into a lot of relationship type songs and independence, finding your own identity, like the first track, Let It Go.  It is a song full of real, raw passion and the lyrics emit the longing to become who you're going to become by not trying to control the situations that shape our lives.  She recorded this at the early age of 20 and has recorded one or two albums since, but this one is on my speakers on many occasions.  And I had the opportunity to see her live and she sounds just like her records.  On this piano driven album, she finds ways to combine pop, jazz, and contemporary melodies that hold true from the first track to the last. The title track is a moving orchestration of quiet vocals mixed with simple music, but her melody in the chorus makes you want to sing along and hit repeat.  This album is truly a real expression of who she is as an artist and I hope we get to see her develop over the years.  I give this one four out of five stars. 


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