Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Album Review of Remain by Tyrone Wells

Okay, just a note, I used to play little open mic shows with Tyrone in Fullerton, California before he was a big star. So, because of that, I have had the chance to follow his career from humble beginnings to opening to big crowds all across the country. This newest album, Remain, is amazing. It was recorded in London and has as I like to call them, lush vocals, sweet, crisp production, and the thing that we all look for in music, some great style. His voice rings with so much soul in tracks like Sink or Swim, which was featured on Grey's Anatomy, while the title track leaves you feeling hopeful and ready to start your day with your head held high. Some of you might be saying, come on, its just a record, but truthfully, this album is one of my new favorites. In "More", he poses the question of why we're here over the sounds of a big beautiful ballad. He is an artist of honesty, integrity, and I can say from personal experience, humility. He is truthfully one of those artists we should support, because he tries to bring out the best in his music, which can bring out the best of us in those moments when we question ourselves. And, if you happen to get the chance to see him live, his band is one of the tightest bands i've ever seen, probably because they've played like a billion shows in the last few years. And his vocals are dead on, note for note. You won't be dissappointed with Tyrone Wells' Remain. It gets the full five stars from me.

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  1. Hi Steven,

    I couldn't resist but to take a minute and offer up my full and complete agreement with your review. Of course most everyone who's given more than a 20 second listen to Tyrone knows his talent is timeless, and voice like catnip to the ear. However, only the lucky few have the privilege of getting to know Tyrone and his bandmates Mark, Aaron, and Mike. Those who do know that these fellas, while musical geniuses, are impossibly genuine, kind hearted, and incorruptably modest!

    I met Tyrone after philandering about on Pandora. I think it was "Baby don't you change" or something from older work that, within seconds, had me nodding, smiling, and thrilled in knowing I had found, at the very least, one of the best musicians I'd ever heard.

    As luck would have it he would end up doing a show in Santa Barbara (where I then lived) and we ended up becoming friends.

    I've since moved to Austin Texas with my girlfriend Jessica and two little Pomeranian dudes. Everytime Tyrone and the fellas are in town they stay with us, we catch-up, and my belief in the possibility of a grounded and kind rockstar is renewed!

    Spend an hour flicking through the channels and it's clear that exposure + flesh + obnoxious or unusually degenerate = celebrity. It's gross, and it makes me want the highest echelon of fame and recognition for Tyrone. They deserve it.

    Keep the Kardashians, I'm betting these guys will be recognized and rewarded by grateful fans like you and I for decades to come.

    All the best,

    Christian Hunter
    Austin, Texas