Sunday, December 6, 2009

Album Review of Ellipse by Imogen Heap

So who is the female voice in the chorus of the new hit song "Whatcha Say?" by Jason Derulo? Well, it is none other than british songstress, Imogen Heap. I have enjoyed her work for a very long time now. She sticks to the electronica meets samples, meets beautiful vocals formula. First of all, the sample for the Jason Derulo song is from a song called "Hide and Seek", which is off of her album Speak for Yourself. So, check it out. I also reviewed and album called Details by Frou Frou, of which she is the voice. Now, onto her new album Ellipse. It is again, very true to her form. Lilting piano supports her vocals in a lovely song called "Half Life". The acoustic guitar of "Canvas" lifts you to a place of wonder as you hear her immense vocal arrangement take over the melody that is infectious. On "Tidal", she actually samples some sounds from a Nintendo Gameboy to dress up her up tempo movement of strength and beauty. She has a way of using everyday words and turning them to mean something wonderful, while producing imagery in your head while you listen. Somewhat haunting, "2-1" offers lyrics of questioning, talking about what's out there in space, in the universe. Meanwhile, she is always referring to something else, that is inner, deeper, giving life to the thought that our hearts are a universe of emotion. Fast paced track "Aha" gives her voice the opportunity to act as melody and rhythm. This album overall takes the cake, it is an amazing third offering from this artist who continues to challenge herself and move forward and upward when it comes to music, all the while maintaining the sound she has created. I would give this album six stars if I could, but five will have to suffice. In stores now, Ellipse is newly released. Enjoy.

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  1. Love this artist! it's so " féerique"!